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How people in Sweden feel about refugees
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The Gavagai Analytics Suite

Gavagai Monitor

Keep track of everything that happens online with respect to your target of interest in one simple and convenient dashboard. Gavagai Monitor collects and reads everything written in all public text streams in any language and reads it all, to create executive summaries for you, giving you instant insights into what is going on.

  • Self signup with easy target creation
  • Collect millions of sources into one dashboard
  • "Pay as you go" - no lock-in!
  • Available in all languages

Gavagai Explorer

No need to avoid open text answers anymore - coding them just became much easier! Upload your survey responses and Gavagai Explorer will identify the most salient concepts and cluster the texts for you. You will be able to navigate through the responses, recluster, combine concepts, and find your insights in a fraction of the time previous coding schemes would afford. Save days or weeks of manual hard work using Gavagai Explorer!

  • Easy Comma Separated Value file (CSV) upload or Application Programming Interface (API) Integration
  • Exporting options include Excel and PDF
  • No lock-in - pay per usage!

Gavagai API

Our text analytics engine is handily available for all techies out there! Our customers can integrate our services into their products and processes.

  • Easy integration and self signup at our developer portal
  • Use your own data or let us harvest the data for you
  • Free for non commercial use!
  • "Pay as you go"
  • Our way of giving everyone access to our core services




"Creating and configuring a client profile is easy and intuitive. Gavagai Monitor’s target editor suggests related terms as you configure targets which makes the job a lot easier than in other tools. In terms of the actual monitoring, we have used a third-party custom integration of Gavagai’s API in The Swedish Social Insurance Agency's dashboard."
Amanda Wennberg
"Our aim is to become the most modern way to search business information. We search and analyse the internet to save your time. Our analysis engine gets big help from Leiki, Gavagai and AlchemyAPI"



Inflection and distribution (or “are ‘lentil’ and ‘lentils’ the same word?”)

People who know about languages with rich inflectional systems often ask us how Gavagai handles morphology, i.e. the inflections and derivations words can be subject to in some languages. In English, for instance, a noun can be in singular and plural number and each can take a genitive ending: base form genitive singular lentil lentil’s plural lentils lentils’ which is not too complex. In Swedish a noun can take number, definiteness, and genitive, yielding eight surface forms for most nouns: base form genitive non definite definite non definite definite singular sill sillen sills sillens plural sillar sillarna sillars sillarnas which…


Dreaming in Another Language

When I moved to Stockholm and started learning Swedish, it seemed to occupy all my time and thoughts. It was an intensive course, 3 hours every day via communicative method with focus on talking and practical use of language, plus homework in the evenings. One day, my friend asked me “So, do you dream in Swedish already?”. I didn’t quite get the question, so he explained: “When I was in the process of learning English, starting from some moment, I could see dreams in English. In those dreams I could talk and understand everyone, even the thoughts that I had…


Gavagai provides services for citizen observatories

Gavagai is proud to be providing services to UNESCO-IHE and other partners of the Ground Truth 2.0 which is a project for developing citizen observatories on climate change and related matters in several countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Kenya, and Zambia. Gavagai will both use the Gavagai Explorer to process text material gathered by rapporteurs in the field (such as species observations and other similar responses) in many languages and will also provide media analysis of the attitude of the general population vis-a-vis concepts of interest to the project. This project is in line with several others that leverage…


What’s that Odor?

I use Gavagai Lexicon extensively to lookup the actual use of words present in everyday online language. So, when the notion of “odor”, for some reason, popped up at the office yesterday, I turned to the Lexicon to see what our self-learning semantic memory has learned about it. The annotated screenshot below shows that the semantic memory knows three fairly distinct meanings of “odor”. The most prominent one has to do with “smell, stench, reeked”. A second meaning has to do with odor as instrumental in alerting people to something else, such as “foul odor alerted residents to dead body”. The…

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