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Comprehensive executive summaries with precision.

If great decisions were based on the total amount of information at hand, we would be looking ahead at a great future. However, the vast amount of data available today is rather turning into a problem. It is literally impossible for a single human to read through everything that is written online.

By using Gavagai’s Multi-Document Summarization technology however, you can summarize the core message of vast amounts of unstructured text data into easily absorbed clusters of information. Instead of simply just providing you with a set of links.

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Full live tracking and social media alerts.

The first sign of a pandemic is people telling friends and family how they feel. This happens long before any diagnosis is made, and even further off from the point when the press starts to write about it. And we can literally tell you right when it happens.

How? Because we do not ask people if they have been sick – we pick it up from the conversations that are going on all the time.

By using a technology that hears weaker signals and deviations, we can see waves building up rather than discovering them when they are about to peak. And we think it will be quite useful for anyone making plans for the future – regardless if you are a government wanting to know when the next pandemic is coming or if you work for a brand that plans for a big campaign during the flu season.

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Tonality filtering beyond the mere positive and negative.

Finding out that people are positive or negative towards a topic, brand or product can be quite useful. But what if you could do more?

What if you could measure sadness, joy, fear and surprise? Or anger? Well, for example you could teach a Customer Service System to distribute raging customers evenly among your team, and make sure everyone gets a chance to relax every now and then.

With Gavagai’s Multi-Dimensional Sentiment analysis you can measure your customer feedback on a much broader scale than positive, negative and neutral. Our system adapts to new language use, and ensures the terminology is constantly up to date. And by learning more, we can do much more.

Learn more about how we perform the language wizardry of Gavagai.