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The Gavagai Explorer is an insights tool based on the latest language AI. It has unique capabilities and it is very easy to use. The Drivers report is one of several different analyses and export formats in the Gavagai Explorer. The automatically generated Drivers report tells you what actually drives satisfaction and dissatisfaction in your business. The Gavagai Explorer has native support for 46 languages, and can analyze 1/4 million texts in a matter of minutes.



E!SAVANT – € 1,5 m grant to AI for Influencers

During the last decade, publishers have lost more than two thirds of their advertising revenue to Facebook and Google: Savant will help publishers to regain initiative by offering them an attractive new ad format to present to their customers.

Social SenseMaking service assesses causes and effects of web chatter

The SenseMaking service can detect spikes of discussions on certain topics from online chatter and social media. It breaks them down into subtopics and detects sets of similar discussion spikes by using temporal topic similarity graph analysis. Further, it will provide an analysis of the underlying social networks which produced the events, such as news websites, politicians, blogs, web-trolls, and so on, depending on the issue.  A typical use case of the SenseMaking service is the prediction of the stickiness and the spread patterns of a given topic, such as a newly launched ad by a company or a newly…


Gavagai wins the prize to present in Davos 2018!

We are happy to announce that Gavagai wins the prize to present in Davos 2018. The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and the founders of a Swedish Lunch in Davos have given the entrepreneurship prize to Gavagai. Lars Hamberg, CEO of Gavagai, is invited to Davos during the week of World Economic Forum to present their global vision to hundreds of global leaders. Motivation from the Jury ”Stockholm is a hub of tech-intensive companies and Gavagai is no exception. This company is clear example of how a Swedish tech-company answers a global question in a very scalable way. We are looking…


Gavagai offices in Palo Alto

Gavagai now has an office in down town Palo Alto, at the Nordic Innovation House on 470 Ramona Street where you are welcome to book a meeting with us!


Gavagai Explorer

Gavagai Explorer

The Gavagai Explorer provides instant operational insights in 46 languages. The web-based tool allows the user to perform qual-to-quant conversion and analysis of unstructured text data - such as answers to open-ended survey questions, customer reviews, online mentions, customer support tickets, and other customer interactions - without prior computer skills.

  • 8 standard sentiments across 46 languages and the possibility to model any bespoke concept
  • Single-handedly process small or large amounts of qualitative data - at a lower cost and with higher quality output
  • The market’s most versatile solution - chosen by the global leaders in market research
  • Integrate with the Gavagai Explorer API (contact us for more information)

Gavagai Monitor

Gavagai Monitor

The Gavagai Monitor provides unique monitoring capabilities in 46 languages. The Monitor collects data from online sources, such as social media, news media, blogs, and forums, and creates topic-based executive summaries which give you instant insight into your topics of interest.     

  • 1 month free trial
  • Immediate self-signup with easy target creation
  • Collects millions of sources into one dashboard
  • Customizable topic filters and sentiment analysis
  • Available in 46 languages
  • Easily integrate with the Gavagai Monitor API (contact us for more information)

Gavagai API

Gavagai API

The Gavagai API  (Please note that this API differs from the Explorer API and the Monitor API)  offers unique semantic capabilities in 46 languages. Easily access state-of-the-art sentiment analysis, topic analysis, key word extraction, and multi-document summarization. And most importantly, the Gavagai API allows the user to access Gavagai's living lexicon - an online, unsupervised, and incrementally learning "semantic memory model" which is maintained in 46 languages.   

  • Easy integration and self-signup at our developer portal
  • Use your own data or let us harvest the data for you
  • Free for non-commercial use
  • Pay as you go

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