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Gavagai wins the prize to present in Davos 2018!

We are happy to announce that Gavagai wins the prize to present in Davos 2018. The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and the founders of a Swedish Lunch in Davos have given the entrepreneurship prize to Gavagai. Lars Hamberg, CEO of Gavagai, is invited to Davos during the week of World Economic Forum to present their global vision to hundreds of global leaders. Motivation from the Jury ”Stockholm is a hub of tech-intensive companies and Gavagai is no exception. This company is clear example of how a Swedish tech-company answers a global question in a very scalable way. We are looking…


Gavagai on AI in Healthcare at Karolinska

IBM, Microsoft, Xerox, HP, SAS Institute, Gavagai and Karolinska University Hospital presenting at this seminar on AI in Healtcare, organized by Karolinska Center for Innovation. Focus of this event: Natural Language Processing. Machines that read, interpret and draw conclusions from vast amounts of natural language text, the benefits in healthcare, clinical insights et cetera.   

Gavagai talks automation in Finance Industry at Middle East Investment Summit

The Middle East Investment Summit in Dubai is a leading industry conference. This year, an entire day of the conference is dedicated to Data & Analytics and Gavagai is honored to host. Lars Hamberg from Gavagai talks about automation in the banking industry and will moderate sessions and panels with IBM Watson and other interesting participants.  

What makes airline passengers happy?

A few of the high-profile carriers, that are currently scoring well, may be dangerously relaxed about their service and may soon fall out of grace, and a few contenders are posed to take their place. It is possible that observed trends in perceived service may be the best predictors for relative changes in passenger satisfaction, overall rating, loyalty and so on and forth. These are some the generalizations emerging from analyzing just the qualitative data, in the form of 20000 passenger reviews, in free-text, covering 22 carriers: Air China, Air France, All Nippon Airways, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific…

Insights from 3,6 million texts in 2 clicks

Deeper and faster insights with two clicks! Instant, robust qual-to-quant data conversion with AI-driven language technology. Objectives: To gain insight into popular perception of some banks with regard to Trust and Customer Service. Method: conceptual polarization of online mentions, normalized wrt volume. Sample size: >3,6 million online mentions in English (Mar-Dec 2014). The picture shows insight from fully automated methods for perceptual brand mapping and tracking of some financial institutions (or whatever brand or concept, with regard to any other arbitrary concept)


Findings from 9800 answers to questions regarding gender equality across 7 countries

Saudis and Emiratis are more in favour of discussing financial issues with their spouse than Brazilians, Colombians, Mexicans and Swedes. Saudis and Emiratis are more positive to paternity leave than Russians, Brazilians and Swedes. Saudis are more likely than Russians to encourage daughters who want to give their career top priority. In the west, there are many preconceived notions about arab culture and these new insights provide some interesting perspectives. Here is a Gender Equality Study we carried out in Saudia Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Sweden, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil ( The study was commissioned by SI, a Swedish…


Dreaming in Another Language

When I moved to Stockholm and started learning Swedish, it seemed to occupy all my time and thoughts. It was an intensive course, 3 hours every day via communicative method with focus on talking and practical use of language, plus homework in the evenings. One day, my friend asked me “So, do you dream in Swedish already?”. I didn’t quite get the question, so he explained: “When I was in the process of learning English, starting from some moment, I could see dreams in English. In those dreams I could talk and understand everyone, even the thoughts that I had…


Gavagai provides services for citizen observatories

Gavagai is proud to be providing services to UNESCO-IHE and other partners of the Ground Truth 2.0 which is a project for developing citizen observatories on climate change and related matters in several countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Kenya, and Zambia. Gavagai will both use the Gavagai Explorer to process text material gathered by rapporteurs in the field (such as species observations and other similar responses) in many languages and will also provide media analysis of the attitude of the general population vis-a-vis concepts of interest to the project. This project is in line with several others that leverage…


Take the labor out of qualitative

Meta4 Insight® is an online survey platform that automates the collection of in-depth qualitative data from hundreds of respondents to uncover their deep-seated thoughts and feelings. The platform features Gavagai’s built-in advanced text analytics to enable a quantitative assessment of salient themes and automatically generates shareable outputs, visualized with insightful image clouds. Here is a recorded webinar that describes the use of Meta4 Insight in a case. View case study  


What is an efficient way to analyze answers to open-ended survey questions using language technology?

There are challenges to analyzing free-text answers. In the following discussion I will assume that the purpose of the analysis is to achieve an understanding of the themes being discussed and the relative strengths of these themes as well as to get accurate quantification of the numbers of respondents and percentages for each theme. Knowing about multiword expressions. Important concepts in text often consist of more than one word,  for example: “San Francisco”, “no-fly zone”, “give me five”, or “kick the bucket”. An automated tool for analysis of answers to open-ended survey questions needs to understand such multiword expressions or the…


Making sense of 14793 answers to the question: “What do you most wish for the coming year?”

In order to better understand their customers’ thoughts and wishes for the coming year, AMF – a limited liability life insurance company that is owned equally by the Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv) – sent out a survey to more than 100 000 senior citizens. The survey included the open-ended question: What do you most wish for the coming year? Read the case study on how Gavagai Explorer was used to make sense of the 14793 answers to that question here.


Understanding the Whats and Whys of a Net Promoter study at scale

What concerns Detractors? What make Promoters promoters? In this case study, we use Gavagai Explorer to acquire insight into the answers of an open-ended follow-up question in a Net Promoter Score survey of the Swedish Telecom business with 2535 respondents. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a metric for measuring the loyalty of a company’s customers based on their feedback. NPS is widely used across all kinds of industries, for instance in the travel and hotel business, software services, and telecommunications. Typically, NPS surveys are conducted continuously, so as to assess the performance of an organization over time. Each survey may…


All your topics are belong to us

Jodel is undoubtedly one of the most interesting online communities at the moment. For those of you who have not already become addicted to the Jodel app, Jodel is an anonymous and localized community where users post and react to real-time updates (both text and photos) about anything and everything that is going on in the local community right now. Although the intended target audience is primarily university students, the appeal of anonymous real-time localized information has spread wide outside the student community. We at Gavagai love interesting text data, and Jodel seems like a veritable goldmine of information to…


Leveraging Text Intelligence to understand Drivers of Customer (Un)Happiness

Imagine that you are responsible for a product. Over a period of time, your customers have provided feedback in the form of ratings and written reviews. The figure below shows how the reviews are distributed across the different ratings. Now, from the figure it appears that most of your customers are happy, that is, have rated the product 4 or 5 on a 1 – 5 scale. It is also clear that a substantial number of customers are not happy at all and have thus rated the product 1 or 2. In between these extremes, there are a number of…


Gavagai Theme Wheels

Gavagai Theme Wheels is Gavagai’s (improved) version of word clouds. Read more in the LinkedIn post.


Getting started with Gavagai Explorer

Quick video version on Youtube. Gavagai Explorer is a tool to analyze related texts to find common topics, their associated terms, their sentiment scores and their importance (in terms of number of respondent mentions). Although the primary use case for Explorer is open-ended question analysis of surveys it can be used for the analysis of any set of related texts such as hotel reviews. Gavagai Explorer aims to give the analyst a comprehensive and quantified view of the data; it identifies the main topics or topics and measures their importance as a relative strength to the total number of texts. This means that…


Getting Started with Gavagai Explorer

If you have a collection of related texts and you want to know what themes they contain then Gavagai Explorer is for you. Your collection of texts could be the answers from an open-ended question in a survey for example. The analysis required to understand your answers typically involves a significant amount of work since you need to read each text and either remember the recurring themes or encode them in a topical framework. If you have a lot of answers this work will take a long time, but there are other problems as well: the coding process is error prone…


Spanish in Gavagai’s Living Lexicon

Spanish is now live in Gavagai Living Lexicon. It took about 3 days to add. Since the lexicon is at the heart of our systems, Spanish is now available in all our applications and the API. So now you can add targets in Spanish in the Monitor, explore themes in Spanish for answers to open-ended survey questions in Explorer, lookup relationships between words in Spanish in Living Lexicon, and make API calls with Spanish text, for example to get multi-dimensional sentiment (“love”, “hate”, “fear”, “violence”, “desire”, “skepticism”, “positive sentiment”, and “negativity”) or to cluster the most relevant sentences of Spanish texts (just like in…


Gavagai’s Top List of “Movers-and-Shakers” Shows Worry about Global Economy is on the Rise

Gavagai’s Movements list shows the movers-and-shakers of all of the thousands of targets being tracked in our system. The list is updated with regular intervals and is a good indicator of things to look out for. Currently “Global Economy”, a target that tracks various sentiment like worry, fear, positivity and so on, is showing a significant increase in the worry and violence sentiment categories (violence is shown above as VPI in the screen shot from our internal admin GUI). What is the cause of this? To understand the reasons for the current spike we have a number of options. We…