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What makes airline passengers happy?

A few of the high-profile carriers, that are currently scoring well, may be dangerously relaxed about their service and may soon fall out of grace, and a few contenders are posed to take their place. It is possible that observed trends in perceived service may be the best predictors for relative changes in passenger satisfaction, overall rating, loyalty and so on and forth. These are some the generalizations emerging from analyzing just the qualitative data, in the form of 20000 passenger reviews, in free-text, covering 22 carriers: Air China, Air France, All Nippon Airways, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific…


All your topics are belong to us

Jodel is undoubtedly one of the most interesting online communities at the moment. For those of you who have not already become addicted to the Jodel app, Jodel is an anonymous and localized community where users post and react to real-time updates (both text and photos) about anything and everything that is going on in the local community right now. Although the intended target audience is primarily university students, the appeal of anonymous real-time localized information has spread wide outside the student community. We at Gavagai love interesting text data, and Jodel seems like a veritable goldmine of information to…


Gavagai’s Top List of “Movers-and-Shakers” Shows Worry about Global Economy is on the Rise

Gavagai’s Movements list shows the movers-and-shakers of all of the thousands of targets being tracked in our system. The list is updated with regular intervals and is a good indicator of things to look out for. Currently “Global Economy”, a target that tracks various sentiment like worry, fear, positivity and so on, is showing a significant increase in the worry and violence sentiment categories (violence is shown above as VPI in the screen shot from our internal admin GUI). What is the cause of this? To understand the reasons for the current spike we have a number of options. We…


Gamergate tweets and sentiment analysis

The heated #GamerGate debate raging in social media in recent weeks has recently emerged into editorial media as well. A dive into the actual data done by Brandwatch and published by Newsweek last week found that indeed more of the material published on Twitter under that hashtag is vitriolic and confrontative rather than a discussion on media ethics. Newsweek writes: “If GamerGate is about ethics among journalists, why is the female developer receiving 14 times as many outraged tweets as the male journalist? … The discrepancies there seem to suggest GamerGaters cares less about ethics and more about harassing women.”…


Greek Election Tomorrow!

The Euro and the European currency union is the major topic of the second Greek parliamentary elections of this Spring, to be carried out tomorrow, on Sunday, June 17. Ethersource has been reading Greek-language social media for the past few weeks. Our prediction: ND will be leader in number of votes one needs more than tallying frequency of mention or simple assessment of positive vs negative sentiment to use social media for predicting electoral outcomes   We at Gavagai have been following party politics in the Greek social media for the past few weeks and have found – as have…