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Gavagai wins the prize to present in Davos 2018!

We are happy to announce that Gavagai wins the prize to present in Davos 2018. The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and the founders of a Swedish Lunch in Davos have given the entrepreneurship prize to Gavagai. Lars Hamberg, CEO of Gavagai, is invited to Davos during the week of World Economic Forum to present their global vision to hundreds of global leaders. Motivation from the Jury ”Stockholm is a hub of tech-intensive companies and Gavagai is no exception. This company is clear example of how a Swedish tech-company answers a global question in a very scalable way. We are looking…


Gavagai on AI in Healthcare at Karolinska

IBM, Microsoft, Xerox, HP, SAS Institute, Gavagai and Karolinska University Hospital presenting at this seminar on AI in Healtcare, organized by Karolinska Center for Innovation. Focus of this event: Natural Language Processing. Machines that read, interpret and draw conclusions from vast amounts of natural language text, the benefits in healthcare, clinical insights et cetera.   

Gavagai talks automation in Finance Industry at Middle East Investment Summit

The Middle East Investment Summit in Dubai is a leading industry conference. This year, an entire day of the conference is dedicated to Data & Analytics and Gavagai is honored to host. Lars Hamberg from Gavagai talks about automation in the banking industry and will moderate sessions and panels with IBM Watson and other interesting participants.  

Europol conference on terrorist propaganda

Magnus Sahlgren presented at the ECTC conference on online terrorist propaganda. On 10 and 11 April 2017, Europol’s European Counter Terrorism Centre (ECTC) hosted its first high-level Conference on Online Terrorist Propaganda. On this occasion, over 150 participants gathered at Europol’s headquarters in The Hague to discuss a wide variety of topics pertaining to the online terrorist threat. 

Gavagai presents at the Security & Defence Industry Association

Gavagai, SAS Institute, Swedish Secret Service (SÄPO), Swedish Military Intelligence (MUST), The Swedish Civil Contingency Services (MSB), The National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA) are presenting at a member event organized by The Swedish Security & Defence Industry Association. More information available here (in Swedish).


Gavagai hosted meetup on Word Embedding: From Theory to Practice

On Wednesday, March 23, Gavagai hosted a Stockholm Natural Language Processing Meetup on Word Embedding: From Theory to Practice. A video of the entire session is available on-line, featuring talks by Magnus Sahlgren on Distributional semantics at Gavagai, Hendrik Heuer on Word2vec from theory to practice, and Jimmy Callin on Distributional semantic models in practice. I really enjoyed the format of the meetup, with inspiring discussions and clever questions from the 40+ participants. Thanks to Sahar Asadi and the other organizers for making this happen!


Gavagai presents at Europeanatech

Today, on February 12, Jussi Karlgren of Gavagai gave a talk on Big Data, Libraries, and Multi-lingual New Text at the Europeanatech conference at the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris.


Search Solutions 2014

Jussi Karlgren gave a talk today, on November 27, at the 2014 edition of Search Solutions, organised by the Information Retrieval Specialist Group of the BCS (The Chartered Institute for IT) and ISKO (International Society for Knowledge Organization).


Gavagai presents at CIKM

Gavagai presents a poster on Semantic Topology at this week’s ACM sponsored CIKM conference on information and knowledge management, in Shanghai.


Kick-off for the Stockholm Natural Language Processing Meetup

Today marked the launch and first get-together of the Stockholm Natural Language Processing Meetup generously hosted and organised by Sahar Asadi of Meltwater in Stockholm. Jussi Karlgren gave a somewhat rhapsodic talk on “Requirements on analysis tools for Big Data” (which appears to be available on Bambuser as linked from the Meetup page).


Gavagai at Almedalen

Gavagai’s technology lends itself well to analyzing opinions, and for that reason we have been sought after at the Almedalen Week. Gavagai’s co-founder Jussi Karlgren is one of the key speakers at the IT Day. Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to how advanced language technology can be applied in the political sphere. Our analysis of what the word “Almedalen” was associated with in social media revealed that Jimmy Åkesson, leader of the Sweden Democrats, and Russian activist group Pussy Riot, where the most common on July 1st. These results were published in Dagens Opinion. Using our technology, United Minds…


Gavagai on the 33-list

We are pleased to announce that Gavagai made it to the prestigious 33-list, Sweden’s top list of innovative high-tech companies. The list is compiled yearly by Ny Teknik and Affärsvärlden, Sweden’s leading technical and business magazines respectively. The honor was awarded by the editor in chief of Affärsvärlden, Jon Åsberg. —There is no short-cut to understanding the wealth of information found in human language. This requires specialized technology, which is what we build at Gavagai. Our goal is to build tools that allow every creative developer to tap into this knowledge, says Dr. Jussi Karlgren, co-founder of Gavagai.


A Modern Oracle: Interview with Magnus Sahlgren in Du&Co

An interview with Gavagai co-founder Magnus Sahlgren is available in Du&Co (#4, 2012, pages 38 – 42, in Swedish). pdf is available here.


RI.SE Interview with Gavagai on Ethersource and the Importance of Research Institutes

Magnus Sahlgren Chief Scientist, and Fredrik Olsson, Chief Data Officer, interviewed by RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden regarding Gavagai, Ethersource, and the importance of a nurturing context (in Swedish): Tiden på forskningsinstitut grundlade revolutionerande analysprogram.


Big Data & Predictive Modeling – What’s happening in Stockholm

We presented “Understanding and Big Data: Ethersource as the Semantic Processing Layer in the Big Data Stack” at yesterday’s meet-up on the topic “Big Data & Predictive Modeling – What’s happening in Stockholm“. It was a great event, spawning interesting discussions with bright people. Thank you Mikael at Klarna for organizing the meet-up!


Gavagai made 2nd Place on 2012 Entreprenur of the Year List by Internetworld

We’re pleased to announce that Gavagai made it high up the 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year list by Internetworld. The piece on Gavagai is available here. (texts in Swedish).


Feature Article about Gavagai in Internetworld, Now Available On-line

Internetworld’s feature on Big Data (issue 3, 2012, in Swedish) is now available online: Svenskar spår framtiden i datafloden på webben. Great stuff about Big Data and Gavagai! Magnus and Fredrik are interviewed about challenges and possibilities in the coming future.