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Making sure social insurance beneficiaries are happy

Försäkringskassan is Sweden’s government agency responsible for the administration of social insurance. Much of Försäkringskassan’s work is geared towards various underprivileged groups and any administrative decision that could be deemed unfair quickly gains traction within news and social media. Therefore it is important for Försäkringskassan to be able to react quickly with relevant information. They also need to quantify the success of different public relations strategies.

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In 2014’s “Dagens hälsa” campaign, Apotek Hjärtat cooperated with Gavagai to illustrate both the feelings and health situation of the country’s inhabitants. The utilisation of Big Data makes it possible to capture symptoms such as fever, headache, and even menstrual pain, but also feelings of discomfort and joy, such as love, happiness, and being mad.

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Making sense of 14793 answers to open-ended survey questions

“Historically, we have avoided using open-ended survey questions since they require too many resources to analyze manually. However, the use of open-ended survey questions make quantitative investigations more like qualitative ones, and that is exactly what we need when investigating areas that are not ruled by rational behaviour. An automated and efficient process for interpreting open-ended answers allows us to discover relations and associations that would have been hard to think of beforehand.

It has been exciting to work with Gavagai and provide input to their development process”

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Martin Düring Manager, Business Intelligence Dept, AMF

Take the labor out of qualitative

Meta4 Insight® is an online survey platform that automates the collection of in-depth qualitative data from hundreds of respondents to uncover their deep-seated thoughts and feelings. The platform features Gavagai’s built-in advanced text analytics to enable a quantitative assessment of salient themes and automatically generates shareable outputs, visualized with insightful image clouds. Here is a recorded webinar that describes the use of Meta4 Insight in a case.

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Connecting corporations to startups in Finland since 2013.

“Our aim is to become the most modern way to search business information. We search and analyse the internet to save your time. Our analysis engine gets big help from Leiki, Gavagai and Alchemy API.”